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Science tells us the universe is 99% energy and only 1% matter. This exciting discovery prompted the creation of Harmonic Innerprizes in 1995. The company’s product line is based on the understanding that everything physical is created from energy and that, by reconnecting with that energy, optimal health can be achieved. If optimal health is harmony permeating the entire mind-body-spirit, then one cannot truly have a healthy body unless one’s mind is focused on the positive and one’s emotions are proactive instead of reactive.

Adrenal Health

Adrenal Fatigue also known as adrenal apathy
Is said to affect millions of people around the world, and yet surprisingly it is still considered a conventional medical illness. General practitioners cannot explain symptoms of adrenal fatigue, since there is no scientific evidence to supporting the concept.

According to people who say adrenal fatigue does exist, it can affect individuals of any age, culture, gender, or race, and even those amongst us who sleep well, with good eating habits and exist in a relative stress free environment.

LJ100 New Published Human Clinical Research 2014

LJ100 New Published Human Clinical Research 2014
Another double blind placebo controlled human clinical on LJ100 was just published in Jan 2014,and a review paper on LJ100 as natural alternative t...

Harmonic Innerprizes’ Nascent Iodine Comparative Analysis with Other Iodine Products

Harmonic Innerprizes’ Nascent Iodine Comparative Analysis with Other Iodine Products Iodine is an integral and essential part of healthy DNA integr...

The Periodic Table of Everyday Superfoods

Check out this table of superfoods that are easy to incorporate and deliver important health-promoting essential nutrients to power your thriving lifestyle!

Glycrite Nascent Iodine Detracors Response

Glycrite Nascent Iodine Detracors Response
As the originator/lead co-developer of the Pureodine™ process for making the first ever “original” Glycerite of Nascent Iodine, that utilizes a proprietary trade secret process for making a liquid ‘nascent’ iodine that uses only glycerin and pure elemental iodine, and no alcohol, water or other ingredients in the manufacture, it is my intent to dispel the misinformation being espoused concerning the belief that glycerin cannot be used as an effective medium for making a liquid nascent iodine, and to present some hypothetical points of a highly scientific nature concerning this very unique form of nascent iodine.

You Are What You Absorb

Breakthrough Technology Assures Universal Improved CoQ10 Absorption.