Natural Monatomic Minerals

Q: What is the difference between Natural Monatomic Etherium Powders and the Mineral Essences?

A: Both the powders and the mineral essences operate through the electromagnetic modalities of the physical body and subtle bodies. The powders/capsules, being from the earth affect the electromagnetic pathways and the chakra centers of the physical body, because it also is from the earth. By contrast, the mineral essences affect more the electromagnetisms of the subtle bodies; i.e., the mental, astral, causal, and etheric bodies.Electromagnetic imbalances or dysfunction originating from the physical body are more affected by the powders and/or capsules, whereas electromagnetic disturbances originating from outside the physical body are better resolved by the mineral essences. Usually issues that we create through our conscious interaction reside in the body. Negative energies or blockages that become attached to our subtle bodies normally come from other external sources, even though we have magnetically attracted them. Another consideration when trying to decide between the powders/capsules and the mineral essences is to make an evaluation as to where you mentally and emotionally are living. A person, who is earthbound, spends most of their mental and emotional energy dealing with the physical matters of earth. This person will be more benefited by the powders. A person who spends most of their time dreaming, imagining, and whose focus is bringing information from the outside into physical experience will most likely be affected more by the mineral essences.

Q: What is the difference between the powder, capsules, and mineral essences?

A: There is no difference between the powder and the capsules. The capsules are simply pre-measured powder in a convenient delivery vehicle. The powders are a gift from planet earth. Your body evolved from the earth. Therefore, the body is going to have a much higher resonance with the powders.* The powders affect the electromagnetic of the body.* Conversely, the mineral essences affect the subtle energies that surround the body.* The integrity of these energy fields can easily be compromised from the continuous bombardment of chaotic external forces. That can be anything from toxins in the environment to chaotic energies generated by social fears and anger.So what you need to determine is the source of the reality you want to improve with an Etherium product. If it is externally generated, the mineral essences will probably give you better results.* If it is from within, then the powder or capsules will be most effective.*

Q: Can I mix the any of the Natural Monatomic Mineral products together?

A: Until you have experienced each product individually, we do not suggest mixing. By knowing each product individually, your intuition will be more accurate in determining the most appropriate powder and the most appropriate ratio(s) for your personalized blend.We might also suggest that an effective way to mix is combining a powder with a different mineral essence (please see above). Since the powder works on the body, and the mineral essences on the subtle body, they won’t interfere with each other. You can affect the experience with what each has to offer together and avoid the possibility of an energy interference that combining two powders can bring about.One of our favorite combinations is taking Etherium Gold powder (or capsule) and Etherium Black Mineral Essence. Etherium Gold helps the alpha brain-wave production which promotes focus and concentration, and Etherium Black Mineral Essence will reduce stress and frustration generated from external sources.* The experience will be a silent and intently focused mind. *

Q: Can I combine the Etherium Powders with the Mineral Essences?

A: Absolutely, the best way to maximize an Etherium experience is to combine the powders with a mineral essence. This is a more multi-dimensional experience since all physical and subtle bodies are affected at once. The best way to accomplish this is to place approximately 1/8 of a teaspoon of powder (or 1 – 300mg. capsule) under the tongue and immediately spray 2 or 3 sprays of the mineral essence onto the powder. Allow this combination to gradually be absorbed through the tissues of the mouth. This is also the best and safest way to make your personalized combinations. Many are intrigued as to what experience combining these remedies may achieve. We have never recommended combining any of the powders together unless one is very familiar with each powder independently before combining them together. Since they operate on the same level (physical) they could interfere with each other. This potential problem is completely avoided when combining a powder with a mineral essence since they are operating on different modalities and they cannot therefore cross connect.There is a real synergistic potential when combining a powder with a mineral essence. For example, combining the powder of Etherium Gold and then spraying Etherium Black Mineral Essence will provide brain balancing and alpha brain wave production Etherium Gold has been shown to provide, while the Etherium Black Mineral Essence will help reduce stress and frustration that comes from the outside.* Result: greater focus and deeper meditations.*Combining Aulterra powder with Etherium Pink Mineral Essence will direct the action of Aulterra to balance and relax.* Aulterra with Etherium Gold Mineral Essence will enhance mental clarity while Aulterra balances the physical energy fields.* So, there is a multitude of ways to play with combinations suited for any individual need.

Q: How often can I take the Natural Monatomic Etherium Products?

A: For regular use, we suggest you follow the Suggested Use instructions on the label of every product. The only one we recommend to take daily is Aulterra, and Aulterra should be taken 1 capsule with every meal. In most situations, think of these products as “event driven” products rather than something you need to take every day. For example, use Etherium Gold before prayer or meditation; it will deepen your connection.* Use Etherium Gold before exercise. You will “get into” your workout much deeper and it will improve mind body coordination.* Use Etherium Gold whenever greater mental alertness and focus is required.*Use Etherium Black to support general detoxification, whether that is a physical, mental, or emotional disturbance.* Etherium Red is great when you are having difficulty making an important decision. Etherium Pink is great to gently soothe away the tension brought about dating and relationships .* There are conditions, or phases in life whereby it would be very beneficial to use these products every day. If you are a constant procrastinator when it comes to decisions, use Etherium Red.* Etherium Red has also been known to promote blood pressure levels already within normal range when there is difficulty in decision making.*Etherium Pink is usedto assist your mood when emotions are being blocked.* Etherium Black can help calm a troubled mind.* It often is beneficial to enhance sleep when the mind will not be still.* Etherium Black reduces both occasional stress and emotional imbalance.* Etherium Black helps your mind, body, and spirit. *

Q: What is the difference between Etherium Gold and White Gold?

A: Good Question! We don’t know. The term “white gold” appears in ancient text to describe a substance that was alchemically created to raise consciousness.* Laurence Gardner, the author of many books dealing with the mysteries of ancient text and scripture believes the terms manna, white gold, and David Hudson’s acronym ORMES (orbitally rearranged monatomic elements) are one in the same. But the reality is no one from Harmonic Innerprizes, nor any one we know, has total recall of past lives that included the consumption of white gold and could accurately correlate the differences. We believe that companies who promote their product as being “white gold” are somewhat misleading because there is no way they could possibly know if their product is the same "white gold" that alchemists made 6,000 - 10,000 years ago. Or perhaps they truly are space-time masters and have total recall on how to make white gold. If any one has had a truly transformational experience with any of these "white gold" products, we would certainly like to know about it.

Q: What is the difference between Etherium Gold and Monatomic Gold (ORMES)?

A: Etherium Gold contains naturally occurring monatomic minerals. This has been verified through laser spectro-photometric neutron activation. David Hudson always stated that the highest source of monatomic elements would be in a volcanic eruption. The Etherium powders are from a meteorite impact site and the conditions that were produced from that event are identical in heat production as what would be in a volcanic eruption. Other products on the market are synthetically made. They are not from nature, but from a chemistry lab. Natural ingredients occur in nature; patented ingredients synthetically mimics the same compound. So, you need to decide; do you prefer a man-made ingredient of something nature provided.Another consideration to bear in mind is that David Hudson owns patents to monatomic elements. So, companies that are manufacturing monatomic elements are either violating his patents, or making something different. If the later is the case, you really don’t know what you are putting into your mouth. Talk about Russian roulette!

Q: Has Etherium Gold been clinically tested?

A: Etherium Gold is the ONLY monatomic element type product that has been clinically tested. Those clinical studies are available on our website for your review in the Science & Research section. They clearly validate every claim we make regarding Etherium Gold. There is NO other company who markets monatomic element type products that has done clinical testing on their products. So their claims of efficacy are only anecdotal and scientifically unproven.

Skeletal Support

Q: Explain the significance of combining MSM with Paractin®?

A: MSM, also known as organic sulfur which forms the building blocks glycosaminoglycans, the main component of cartilage. MSM also has antioxidant properties which helps manage normal joints after an athletic competition.*Combining MSM with Paractin® dramatically increases the antioxidant properties of the product.* We also only utilize OptiMSM® which is the MSM of choice used on many clinical studies involving MSM.

Q: What Calcium Supplement is best for me? Cal/Mag Skeletal Support or Calcium from the Sea?

A: Cal/Mag Skeletal Support is formulated with calcium for those who desire to support their bone health.* Cal/Mag skeletal Support has nutrients that, when combined together can support healthy bone mass density.*Calcium from the Sea is an advanced calcium supplement for the general population. Hopefully, taking it on a regular basis will never require the need for you to ever need Cal/Mag Skeletal Support. It is also the perfect calcium supplement for people who prefer a plant-based diet. All the mineral elements originate from seaweeds or salt water.

Q: I notice you use cholecalciferol in Calcium from the Sea. I thought that was an animal based product.

A: You are correct. Vitamin D3, or scientifically known as cholecalciferol is processed from lanolin, a derivative from sheep’s wool. We state that the product is suitable for vegetarians. There are several reasons why people chose a vegetarian life.First, it’s much healthier. Another reason may be the tremendous environmental costs of raising cattle. But most are motivated to not be a contributing factor in the maltreatment and killing of the animals.The harvesting of lamb’s wool is 100% free of any of those concerns. There is no animal cruelty, in fact they like getting a haircut, especially in the summer. There are no adverse animal byproducts contained in the final product, cholecalciferol. Therefore, we feel it is suitable for vegetarians. The reason to chose cholecalciferol over the vegetarian option, ergocalciferol is that ergocalciferol is more difficult for the liver to process than cholecalciferol. Cholecalciferol is easier to convert in the body to 5-hydroxycholecalciferol, the biologically active metabolite the body requires for utilization, than ergocalciferol.*Since we are only interested in producing the most efficacious products possible, we chose cholecalciferol as the source of vitamin D for Calcium from the Sea.

Higher Octave Foods & Herbs

Q: Why do you use electromagnetics in your formulations?

A: We believe all life starts with energy. The genesis of all matter is energy. It seems strange to us given the fact that the Universe is 99% energy and only 1% matter, that all science is fixated on the matter, with little or no appreciation as to what created the matter in the first place; namely energy. We believe that if you perfect the energy, the matter will achieve greater harmony.All life, organic or inorganic, has an energy field associated with it. This energy field tells the life force potential of the matter. By selecting ingredients with energy that displays the greatest coherence, we find that the human body has a higher resonance with these ingredients. This is how our ingredient selection process works.

Colloidal Technology

Q: How are your colloids made?

A: Our colloids are produced electro-statically. There are absolutely no chemicals used in the preparation. We only use the purest form and highest potency of given mineral element. This is usually 99.99% pure, but occasionally we are able to get 99.999% pure. Energetically speaking, that one more nine (9) makes a significant difference in the efficacy of the products ultimate performance.

Q: What is the difference between monatomic elements and colloidal minerals?

A: Monatomic minerals are single atomic structures, only in the precious group of elements that exists a high-spin state. David Hudson, the person most accredited with their discovery and holder of the patents refers to them as ORMES (Orbitally Re-arranged Monatomic Elements). Many physicists believe that they are primal matter, the birth of matter from energy.Colloidal minerals are metallic form in such a small particle size that they are suspended in a liquid medium and usually invisible to the naked eye. The products in Advanced Colloidal Technology act similarly to monatomic minerals and many customers prefer them to our Natural Monatomic Minerals or they use them as a catalyst to broaden and expand the experiences they receive from the Natural Monatomic Mineral line.


Q: I’d love to try your Starter Kit because your products are fascinating and I like saving money. But I want to know if I could substitute a product and still get the Starter Kit discount?

A: Harmonic Innerprizes prides itself in being of service to our customers. While it would be impossible to list every imaginable combination a particular person may need or desire on our website, we can accommodate most requests by simply calling our customer service department at (888) 667-4300.And yes, we will still give you a discount. Harmonic Innerprizes prides itself in being of service to our customers. While it would be impossible to list every imaginable combination a particular person may need or desire on our website, we can accommodate most requests by simply calling our customer service department at (888) 667-4300. And yes, we will still give you a discount.

Cardio Care Series

Q: What is BioQ10-SA?

A: BioQ10-SA is a new form of CoQ10 that was developed for superior absorption through a proprietary emulsification process. In order to be absorbed by the body, fat-soluble nutrients such as CoQ10 must first undergo emulsification in the digestive system. This process converts large fat droplets to be broken down into much smaller particles. These particles must then be dispersed in water for absorption through the small intestine. Because our digestive systems are not perfect, much of CoQ10 does not get absorbed. As we get older, this becomes even more of a problem because our digestive systems become less efficient as we age. BioQ10-SA compensates for digestive inefficiencies and allows much more CoQ10 to be absorbed into the blood system.*

Q: How does BioQ10-SA accomplish superior absorption?

A: CoQ10 is processed with a specific protein structure from soy. This protein has both hydrophobic (water-fearing) and hydrophilic (water-loving) properties within each molecule. In the presence of the emulsifier, water-insoluble materials, like CoQ10, are surrounded by the both the hydrophobic element and the hydrophilic element. As a result, water-insoluble materials are dispersed with the emulsifier in water and easily absorbed in the small intestine.

Q: How does BioQ10-SA compare with Ubiquinol?

A: With regards to your body being able to absorb and therefore utilize CoQ10, it compares extremely well. Laboratory studies clearly show that it has equal to or better absorption properties. The variance being what excipients are used in the capsule manufacture, and what other food types are in the digestive tract at the same time. From the cost perspective, you will find that BioQ10 is significantly more economical than Ubiquinol.

Q: Why is L-Carnitine combined with BoiQ10-SA?

A: The synergistic action of combining L-Carnitine and CoQ10 are significant. These 2 nutrients simply work better together. L-Carnitine shuttles fatty acids into the mitochondria where they are burned for energy production. CoQ10 is the spark that makes this conversion possible. L-Carnitine helps prevent cellular oxidation and removes toxic metabolites which improves mitochondria functioning. With L-Carnitine present, CoQ10 works with greater cellular ease and improves energy production, contributes to weight reduction, and extends the life of the cell contributing to healthful longevity.