LIfesource is an incredibly energizing substance. Unlike other green food products, it seems to go much deeper into the human energy system, thereby, affecting more of the whole person. It supports the movement of each person towards cleansing. It is a multidimensional product that I recommend to my patients.*

—Dr, Joyce Tattleman, D.C.

I love all your products but the Black has helped so many family members for many different reasons and saved my 93 yr. old mother. It has calmed her breathing.*

—Donna Russell, WA

I recently moved to a high mountain town in Colorado from a sea level town in the UK. I am over 60 years

old and had lived in the UK my whole life. I had been taking a CoQ10 product, but my nutritionist

recommended I take Heart Light by Harmonic Innerprizes instead of the brand I

was taking. Well, one week later my Doctor said, " I don't know what you

are doing different". My nutritionist said the Heart Light was the best CoQ10

product available, but I had no idea it was going to work that good!

—Kathleen Pedel, CO

Dear Harmonic Innerprizes:
I want to thank you for helping our family. We have used Etherium Gold and got some great results, his attention, etc is a lot better. I am personally taking Life Source the greens product and have noticed a great difference in my energy, recovery time on my workouts, better focus/ concentration, and higher immune system and lastly my hair, skin, and nails seem healthier.

I can't thank you enough for bringing back my family's health. My Education background is Herbology, Naturopathic, Exercise Physiology, and Personal Training with minor studies in Business Administration/ Finance, Marketing, Management, and Computers. I owned ten Nutrition stores for over ten years and seen most of the products on the market and have chosen Harmonic Innerprizes products as the products for me and my family and will recommend them to anybody.

—David from Minnesota

"Etherium Gold is a product well suited for individuals beginning to open to higher consciousness, and a path of spiritual transformation. In the coming years, I believe more and more people will be orientated toward these types of products."*

—Dr. Richard Gerber, MD, Author of Vibrational Medicine

"I have always felt the earth would gift humanity with a substance that would assist us with the process of realization into a new paradigm. Etherium Gold has helped me maintain states of more joy, abundance, and the ability to witness the patterns of energy that I create. I recommend it to any individual who wants to make a shift in their life."*

—Dr. Theodore Thomas, ND, Austin, TX

"Using Radionics Testing, we found that Etherium Gold has very high frequencies that increase the resonance of the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Since I’ve been on the products, my dreams are more enhanced, I’m more engaged with them. I am feeling much happier."*

—Kelsea Priestley, Radionics Testing

"It appears that Etherium Gold strengthens the vital force of living organisms as I have seen in my naturopathic practice. Etherium Gold seems to be encoded with bio-information that has a descrambling effect upon living organisms whom have become consumers of recombinant DNA products used by the medical-industrial complex. Due to its repatterning abilities, the intensity of the Gold should be respected and used astutely, especially in the beginning stages of the healing process.."*

—Dr. Joyce Marshall, ND., Ph.D., Naturopathic Resources

"I have tried Etherium Gold and have experienced wonderful effects. It helps keep my spiritual energy up and keeps me in a frame of mind where I can rise above the lower dimensional ‘problems’ and instead transmute them into higher understanding and growth. I deeply appreciate the part you have played in bringing these products to the world at this time. With deepest respect and admiration to you."*

—Fran Hutchinson, World Freedom Information Network

"I highly recommend Etherium Gold! This product has made the greatest changes in me. I feel and see my personal being transforming. There’s a feeling of truth flowing & a peaceful recognition of a future full of light & opportunity."*

—Rebecca, Psychic & Teacher

"Etherium Gold is incredible stuff! I’m even more clairvoyant. I can tap right into a person’s energy and the information is right there. It’s boosted my vitality, and I don’t need as much sleep. The Chamae Rose has been great."*

—Tara-Soto, Earthkeeper & Psychic Reader

"Etherium Gold and Chamae Rose have had a profound impact on all areas of my life. I feel more mental focus and clarity. I’ve moved more in my inner growth and have had some major emotional clearings of long term deep issues. My intuition is flowing through me and I’m knowing what is going on with people who seek my help almost immediately."*

—Andrea Lambert, MS, MFCC, Self Awareness Institute

"The changes I’ve experienced since including Etherium Gold with my other supplements include a tremendous increase in synchronisity, spontaneous intuitive awareness, as well as more power during readings and healings. Also, interesting enough, my eyes are becoming greener."*

—Joan Gunton, Certified Massage Therapist & Reiki Master

"I don't expect this to be posted, I just wanted to say thanks. I'm a first year Chi Kung student. Tonight I had my first for sure telekinetic experience, and I have to acknowledge your products for bolstering my energy. I have more mental clarity and focus, and I'm also better equipped to process emotions more readily. This stuff couldn't come at a better time, and I'm eager to try some of your other supplements."*


"My wife and I have been using your products for a couple of weeks now. We noticed a profound change in our lives almost immediately. We recommend its use to everyone looking for a higher understanding of the events currently rocking the modern world. Let Love rule! It will be a nice change."*

—Alex Cheatham, Phantom@newmex.com, Thursday, December 13, 2001

Dear Harmonic Innerprizes;

I have been using your products for about a month. I use the Women's daily, Chamae Rose, Superfood, the sprays, and the Higher Vibration & Abundance bath salts. I was speaking with angelic guidance one day about my lack of energy and general decline in vitality.The angels guided me to take your products (my mother introduced me years ago but I didn't pay much attention).

Since taking these products I am experiencing a dramatic increase in vitality, creativity, groundedness, and peace. I feel like my body, mind, and spirit are in sync, working harmoniously together. I am enveloped in a constant state of soft, nurturing energy and easily connect with others from a space of love and compassion. I have a vastly increased spiritual awareness while still being well-grounded. My self-confidence and gentleness towards self has also greatly improved. My body feels strong and centered. Before taking these products I would fall into bed completely exhausted and have trouble waking up in the morning even after a full night's sleep. Last night, I had such a surge of creativity I stayed up until 3am redecorating my apartment and woke up 7 hours later revitalized, energetic, and ready for the day. Spiritual principles that I use to understand just at an intellectual level, I am now able to experience first-hand.

I also do massage therapy and since taking these products no longer feel drained after my sessions.Thank you so much for the work you are doing. Buying your products was some of the best money I've ever spent.*

—Ivy Angelina, Friday, January 17, 2003

Thank you Harmonic Innerprizes. I now have a bird's-eye view of my life.*

—Lindsay Davis, El Monte, Ca., November 2, 2010

I began using your products mostly out of curiosity because it was hard to believe a lot of what you are saying on your website. Some of the claims for the products I thought were impossible and therefore unbelievable. I have tried Etherium Gold, Aulterra, Etherium Black and LifeSource. I soon will be trying many others because my experience is what you say about your products is at least 95% true.*

—James Tydal, Edinborough, Scotland

Good Evening; I just had to tell you that the products arrived here on Thursday. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful help. It worked out so perfectly, as Dr. Amy Thakurdas was here last night, as well. I had to tell her about your Company and how amazing you all are. She does Bioenergetic Activity Testing and was ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY by the high frequency of your phenomenal products. I think she may be opening up an account with you folks.

I am not writing you to get a discount or anything. I highly respect Dr. T and her abilities and when SHE was so astounded by your products and literature, it simply confirmed my belief as to what an extraordinary Company we have stumbled across. Yes, I have a BIG mouth and I will be telling, as I have been doing, just about everyone I come into contact with about Harmonic Innerprizes. It is such a pleasure to do business with a Company that has such quality products and such extraordinary integrity, as well. You don't find that in today's marketplace. Most people are in the industry to "make a fast buck" and leave their integrity in the parking lot. My absolute best wishes to you and your magnificent Company.

Best wishes and good health,

May God Reward You - JPII*

—Neil Dhawan, President Cycles Of Life

I never heard of this product before, but thought Id give it a try. It really works! I get really tired and have lots of brain fog, and after a few days of using it I started feeling better already. After 2 weeks Im way better. I plan to keep using it for a few more weeks, then as needed in the future. This is definitely a product Ill keep on hand for when my diet gets a bit out of control .*

—Sheila, Illinois

I purchased the starter kit with gold, black, aulterra powders and the rose tea. First time taking the products, definitly had better mental clairity plus a calmness to my somewhat nervousness. Now it has been five days and still feel calm, steady, but yet I am not tired or sleepy during the day. At night I have slept well but be prepared for vivid dreams.*

—Kelley G, Nevada

I was very impressed with the internal cleansing while using this product. *

—Donnette F., Independence, MO

This product is great! Works very well. The service I receive from this company is alway wonderful too.*

—Harret, NJ

"Just wanted to let you know that last night I tried the Etherium Black after a stressful day at work. It WORKED! It really mellowed me out."*


You have so many testimonials, that I am somewhat hesitant to repeat what has already been said much better by others. Yet, I feel you should know that I too have experienced a most profound shift in my consciousness due to the Etherium products. The only way I can describe it is as a natural "high". The euphoric mellowness is almost exactly the same feelings I had after my virst first transcendental meditation*


"When I first came upon your website, I was hopeful but just a bit skeptical. It sounded great and I wanted everything you said to be true. When I told my friends about the Etherium products, they all thought that I was going to be ripped off. They couldn't possibly believe that your claims could be true. Yet they are, and I'm thankful I found you and have the Etherium powders in my life."*


"I've only taken the Gold, Aulterra, and Black for two days, and already see a change in my awareness, energy and attitude."*


LifeSource Super Sprouts is the best green food I've ever taken, and I've tried them all. I feel so nourished!"*

—Carrie, NY

"The DNA Boost is fantastic. It enhances the Etherium Gold and takes me to a higher level."*

—John, Canada

"My meditations have been phenomenal! Thanks for getting my order to me so quickly."*

—Susie, Utah

"Everything I do is effortless and comes so easily now. I'm doing some serious spring cleaning. I love the Chamae Rose. Don't ever run out!"*

—Sam, Florida

"Your superfood product LifeSource is truly marvelous. Since taking it my energy levels have increased dramatically. It tastes good too! I enclose my check to cover a year's supply of your wonderful product."*

—Tom Draper, Attorney at Law

"My experiences with the powders is PROFOUND! The Red and Pink have left a lighter, more open area in the heart chakra center that is noticeable on the physical level. I felt a pull from the astral plane in my heart chakra area from them. It was exactly the same feeling one gets just before an astral projection from the body. This happened twice within the first week of taking these two powders. This just confirms for me that these products do indeed "deliver the good" to the area they are supposed to. The first night I took the DNA Boost I felt a warm relaxing feeling coursing throughout my body. I have confidence that this product is hard at work spreading its energy to every cell in my body. Probably the most important benefit is the calming effect these powders have had on my whole personality. I don't get as anygry over negative situations like I did before. It is a serene acceptance of "what is". I feel more of a mastery over those things I can and cannot change. I feel myself procrasinating less and less, and accepting unpleasant tasks without resentment. I can say with complete comfidence (and wonder) that the Etherium products are everything they claim to be."*

—Gemie, Ill.

I've only taken the Gold, Aulterra, and Black for two days, and already see a change in my awareness, energy and attitude*


Dear Harmonic Innerprizes,

You have made my spring so much easier! This year a friend recommended to me your product Etherium Black. I can't believe how good this product is working for me. I take it twice a day no matter what.It is amazing! Thanks for making this wonderful product.*

—G. Miller, Santa Cruz, CA

This product is God sent in my opinion. Great product!*

—Sadie, Covina

I have been using Etherium Black for 8 years now. I keep a bottle in my purse at all times. It restores balance in your life.I also use it on my 92 yr. old mother. I am so grateful for Harmonic Enterprize products.*

—Donna Russell, WA

Let me describe to you the utmost delight I am experiencing ingesting your newly reformulated LifeSource SuperSprouts! The clean, straightforward taste lingers with a hint of meadow freshness upon my palate as my neurotransmitters immediately respond to sipping this beverage with a rapid return to balance. Clarity of thought, precision and increased awareness of my mind and body response are the immediate result of my midday chlorophyll rich, iodine rich, silicon mineral complex enhanced, delightful drink. Patrick, you scored another one out of the ballpark with this formula! I LOVE the taste. I enjoy an integration of mind and imagination fueled by this delicious nutrient dense drink that I prepare by simply stirring this gorgeous green powder into purified water.

Any words I used to describe my increased well-being and perceived mental prowess pale in comparison to the actual strengthening of my Vital Force! This energy increase is felt as a "good vibration" for hours after drinking this micro-nutrient rich, antioxidant filled powder mixed in purified water. This is the result I enjoy for hours both physically and mentally after drinking the delicious LifeSource Super Sprouts each nourishing midday break.

I like to quote Arden Anderson, author of Real Medicine Real Health, "Our immune system is a grand electromagnetic sensor system." My immune system is sensing all the rich delivery of living phytonutrients that promote longevity! Thank-you Harmonic Innerprizes for helping me and my family!

With Deep Gratitude,

Marusia Marrapese

Lori’s Natural Foods

Rochester, NY*

—Marusia Marrapese

This is a great product that does what it supposed to do. I have no pain in my joints and a feel younger more flexible. I would buy again.*

—Paul, TX

With other calcium supplements, I have had side effects with my bowels. I have been taking Calcium from the Sea for about a month now with no side effects.*

—Bonnie, Michigan

Of all the green drinks I have tried this is by far the best tasting, a little stevia has been added but just a little so it doesnt overwhelm the flavor. When I drink it before or between meals it reduces my appetite... very helpful ! I liked it so much I bought 4 more when it was on sale and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an extra boost of real nutrition.*

—Anita, Louisiana

"I've been taking your Starter Kit for 5 weeks and I want to thank you for these wonderful products. They have been truly transformative both physically and emotionally for me. The positive changes are so significant I hardly recognize myself. I was in good health before but now I feel my body changing, detoxing, youthing, fixing all the little problems that have accumulated over the years that I'd learnt to live with. As for my mental and emotional states, I'm experiencing a higher resonance…. Joy, joy, joy -- for no reason at all!"*

—Evi, 2014