Experience Life from a Higher Plateau

Experience Life from a Higher Plateau--

by Guy Devin, Ph. D


Science tells us the universe is 99% energy and only 1% matter. This exciting discovery prompted the creation of Harmonic Innerprizes over 20 years ago. The company’s product line is based on the understanding that everything physical is created from energy and that, by reconnecting with that energy, optimal health can be achieved. If optimal health is harmony permeating the entire mind-body-spirit, then one cannot truly have a healthy body unless one’s mind is focused on the positive and one’s emotions are proactive instead of reactive.

In other words, we at Harmonic Innerprizes believed then–and still do–that we can positively influence the health of the body, the thoughts of the brain, and the feelings of the emotions by infusing them with the energy from minerals, botanicals, and nutraceuticals that have been energetically balanced.

Operating on the principle that perfecting one’s energy body means the physical body will take care of itself, every vitamin and mineral chosen for Harmonic Innerprize formulas must be proven to be energetically alive. Every ingredient is tested for compatibility with other ingredients in the formula. Unlike the “kitchen sink” approach to formulating (including an ingredient just because it is trendy, for instance), ingredients are carefully selected to be an energetic match for other ingredients within a formula. Harmonic Innerprizes employs high-tech spectrometers to ensure this compatibility and synergy is happening throughout the entire formula.

Advanced Colloidal Technology is an ultra-electrostatic process that begins by selecting the absolute purest elements available. The precious elements used to comprise these colloidal formulas are at least 99.99% pure—and some are 99.9999% pure. The purity of these elements is critical for reaching the optimal “harmonic” for the highest effectiveness. Not only providing their intended results, superior colloids can also act as a catalyst to enhance the effectiveness of other healthy dietary routines you may be using.

By far, the products most supportive of the mind, body, and spirit connection are HI’s Etherium Dietary Supplements. These are trace elements that contain significant amounts of naturally occurring monatomic minerals. These elements enhance the body’s electromagnetic systems, in turn increasing the connections that invigorate senses and broaden perceptions. Many people experience higher states of consciousness and spiritual transformation when using the Etherium line, probably due to its ability to clear the communication between you and every cell of your being.
I like to say it this way: “The nature of your well-being is spiritually and vibrationally induced, chemically and electrically driven, and biologically carried out.” Chemistry alone does not make one healthy—one must chaperone that chemistry with an electrical charge to truly experience aliveness at the cellular level. Harmonic Innerprize formulas are like healing energy in a capsule, modulating all three areas of your being-ness and contributing to a full, happy, healthy life.

We are proud to offer this next level of supplementation to your community. I want to leave you with one last quote from Edgar Cayce, one of the most brilliant healers of our time. He said, “The Spirit is Life. The mind is the builder. The physical is the result.” Be Well!

Guy Devin PhD, CHHP ,CCN, AADP is Owner/Consultant of CL Wellness and National Director of Education for Harmonic Innerprizes. He can be reached at 480-636-0815 or drguydevin@mac.com.