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Toxin Therapy
Toxin Therapy

Toxin Therapy

Toxin Therapy contains the highest quality ingredients and is formulated to support the body with heavy metal removal and provide broad-spectrum protection against environmental contaminants.*

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Toxin Therapy is formulated to support the body in dealing with heavy metals and other neurotoxins. It may also offer protection from the increasing levels of contaminants that are occurring throughout the planet.*

Toxin Therapy consists of botanicals that chelate to heavy metals, supporting their removal from the body. Taken with meals, it may help prevent heavy metals from being absorbed into the body from the food being ingested.* Taken between meals, it may chelate heavy metals.* Toxin Therapy may be one of the best dual purpose dietary supplements available today.*



Toxin Therapy contains a synergistic blend of the following:

 • Chlorella regularis - a soft cell chlorella that may chelate heavy metals superior to broken cell chlorella.* It is one of the purest chlorellas available, grown in pharmaceutical-grade hermetically sealed stainless steel tanks, completely isolated from external environmental pollutants.*

Chlorella has been touted as one of the most powerful heavy chelation agents known to man by some.* In 1973, the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan released a report that chlorella increased the elimination of cadmium threefold in feces and sevenfold in urine. Other researchers from Japan showed that chlorella helped detoxify uranium and lead (Horikoshi et al. 1979)¹.*

In 1993, researchers from Jawaharlal Nehru University in India also found that Chlorella is effective at protecting against and mitigating the damage caused by both acute and chronic radioactive damage.²*