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Super Silica Plus

Super Silica Plus

Silica is the most essential nutrient that that is considered by the US government to be a non-essential nutrient. But it is absolutely essential for optimal bone health and mental acuity.* Super Silica Plus is formulated to support bone health.

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SuperSilica Plus is 100% plant based. It is a complex product because it is designed to enhance all the various functions of silica in the body; namely, promote the elasticity and strength of connective tissue, promote the integrity of soft tissue including the skin and nails, strengthen the bones, and promote cognitive function.*

Silica and the Brain

Silica is the most essential nutrient that is missing from the National Academy of Sciences essential Dietary Intake tables. The most abundant mineral element in the placenta of a newborn infant is silica. We are all amazed at how fast a newborn learns their new environment. Researchers say that the human brain learns more in the womb and the first two years of life than it does the remainder of its life.

By the time we reach 65, silica is the least abundant mineral element in the body. There is an undeniable correlation between the amount of (or lack of) silica in the body and the gradual deterioration of mental capacity. This appears to be true in many cases.


UntitledSilica Supports Skeletal Health

When we think of strong bones, we usually think of calcium. For years, nutritional researchers have known silica for its role in collagen synthesis and connective tissue integrity. But today, researchers are also acknowledging silica plays a vital role in the mineralization of the bone matrix. Dr. Edith Carlisle, a research scientist at the UCLA School of Public Health, studied silica extensively in the 1970’s. She demonstrated beyond any doubt that silica played an essential role in bone formation and health. She demonstrated that regardless of the amount of calcium in the diet, without silica, the achievement and maintenance of healthy bone and other connective tissue was impossible. She hypothesized that silica created the collagen matrix with which calcium and other minerals could attach. In fact silica is the catalyzing mineral for the glycosaminoglycan (GAG) enzyme required by the body to build collagen. It consequently is utilized throughout the body in the continual creation of collagen.

The precise modality of how silica works to enhance the mineralization of the bones is not completely clear. But what is clear is that it hardens bones similar to how it hardens concrete. Without silica, concrete cannot harden. Without silica, neither can bones. 



Silica and Connective Tissue

Silica is one of the most abundant elements in connective tissue, which includes cartilage, vascular lining, tendons and ligaments. It provides strength, flexibility and resilience to collagen and elastin connective tissues.* It also helps structure the mineral matrix of soft tissues such as the skin, hair, nails, teeth and gums.*

So, it is apparent that whether you are a beach, or a computer, or a human being, silica is essential to your existence. Dietary silica needs to be considered a lot more seriously for all those pursuing optimal health, especially as we age.