Starter Kit
Starter Kit
Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Undecided on how to get the best experience from our products? Harmonic Innerprizes has put together four products that have the most potential to provide the first time user with a rewarding experience.

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We have put together a Starter Kit of four products that when taken together as directed balance and harmonize the electrical fields of the body producing greater mind, body and spirit integration.


Natural Monatomic Minerals would best be described as exotic matter. They are only found in the precious metals and are lighter than gravity. While it is widely believed ancient civilizations had knowledge of and used monatomic minerals, only recently have they been re-discovered and observed under analytical equipment. They work by balancing and harmonizing the electromagnetic fields of the body allowing it to achieve higher states of health and consciousness.


Thousands of people from around the world have experienced the profound benefits of Harmonic’s Natural Monatomic Minerals. Dr. Richard Gerber, author of “Vibrational Medicine, New Choices for Healing Ourselves”, observes that Etherium Gold “is well suited to individuals beginning to open to higher consciousness, and a path of spiritual transformation.” Clinical studies indicate that Etherium Gold’s effect on the brain is usually only seen in people who have meditated intensely for many years or worked extensively with biofeedback or sound therapy.



Aulterra conditions the body to experience higher energies.* Since Aulterra has such a positive effect on the well being, we highly recommend it’s continued use on a daily basis.Beginning with Aulterra is most advantageous. Aulterra improves the body’s metabolism, improving nutrient absorption and assisting the body in general detoxification.* Aulterra also puts the DNA in a quantum oscillation pattern that induces each cell to produce radiant energy1.* This helps the condition the body to experience higher energies.* Since Aulterra has such a positive effect on the well being, we highly recommend it's continued use on a daily basis.*


1 Rein, G., “Conformational Changes in Human DNA Characterize the Radiated Energy from the Aulterra Formulation”, Quantum Biology research Lab, Northport, NY (2003)

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LifeSource SuperSprouts

Many people have experienced the benefits of eating “lighter”. In addition to the physical benefits, many people experience the mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of higher consciousness and clearer thinking.* As we let go of denser foods such as red meat and refined, processed foods, and begin to include more fresh vegetables and fruits in our diet, we find that super foods provide a valuable bridge for the body to make the necessary transformations.

LifeSource is specially formulated to support your body by providing a higher level of nutrition, essential for today’s fast paced world. Along with Aulterra, begin taking LifeSource twice a day to provide up to 36% more life force energy to the body than any other nutritional supplement. High vibrational foods help to increase and strengthen the body, leading to a healthier life. LifeSource can increase energy levels, improve mental clarity and alertness, and supports general detoxification.* It has an override frequency of 121MHz, which is a resonant frequency of healthy DNA function, so it synergistically compliments Aulterra.*

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LifeSource SuperSprout

Etherium Gold



The introduction of Etherium Gold after one week will strengthen the connection to your higher self and open channels of communication to your own inner knowledge, intuition and guidance.* Take Etherium Gold once or twice per day to experience it’s full effects, preferably in between meals. After that, consider Etherium Gold to be an as needed supplement. Occasions where Etherium Gold will benefit you are before any spiritual or martial art practice, whenever creative thinking is required, before or during any spiritual or religious ceremony, or whenever improved mental focus needs a boost.*


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Etherium Gold


Wild Harvested CHAGA

Chaga contains many powerful antioxidants and has been shown to reduce oxidative stress which is a contributing factor for high blood pressure. It is nutrient dense with powerful antioxidants and a very high ORAC score and may reduce low density lipoprotein (LDL), the so called “bad” cholesterol.*

Some research suggests that chaga may help regulate the production of cytokines,supporting the immune system by helping cells communicate with one another.

It has also been shown to strengthen the immune system and may help to control inflammation.

Chaga is one of nature’s most powerful preventive medicines. It is an ingredient that every health conscious person should consider in their daily regimen.


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Taking all four products as directed in our Starter Kit produces tremendous results, whether you feel them or not! For many, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effects are quite profound. For others, the effects can be much more subtle, and may not even be experientially noticeable.

People have different sensitivities. We have observed with Kirlian photography that the positive changes in the subtle energy fields of the body are just as significant, just as profound, whether one consciously feels a shift or not. But, pay attention to your life. Note how things are going for you. Observe yourself with improved attitudes, less procrastination, and in general better outlook on life. This is how these products will affect you most profoundly.

“Etherium Gold is well suited to individuals beginning to open to higher consciousness, self-healing and a path of spiritual transformation.”

Dr. Richard Gerber, M.D.
author Vibrational Medicine

“I have reviewed the research on Etherium Gold and the studies clearly show a positive enhancement of brain function.”

Laurence Gardner, author
"Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark”

“In summary, anyone who wishes to learn faster and easier with less stress would definitely benefit by using Etherium Gold.”

Sean Adam, Director, Alphalearning Institute,
Lugano, Switzerland


If you were to purchase each of these products individually, the cost in capsules would be $135.80,
and the cost for the powder version would be $128.80. Both versions of the Starter Kit will yield a $20.00 SAVINGS!