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Colloidal Gold

The more we study gold, the more we become mesmerized by its potential to transform human health. Many ancient cultures consumed trace amounts of gold to achieve higher states of consciousness and spiritual awareness.

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Scientists now reveal that the genesis of all life is a supernova, so there’s some truth when we are told we are children of the stars. Many believe gold has a frequency that reconnects us with the stars. When we consider gold as the element to which all other physical things are valued against, is its intrinsic value born from these metaphysical or esoteric properties just as much as its physical attributes? We believe this to be true, and we believe that consuming trace amounts of gold will eventually give you higher spiritual experiences.

Many ancient cultures pursued gold for its spiritual benefits. The Conquistadors pursued the trails of gold all though the Andes looking for El Dorado and the Fountain of Youth. El Dorado literally means “the Golden One.” The people of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Israel possessed knowledge of an alchemical process to not only make gold from lower elements (the Philosopher’s Stone), but also to transform gold into a high-spun, monatomic state, which was used to attain higher sates of consciousness.

On the more practical side of things, colloidal gold uses are varied and many.* Scientists have used colloidal gold as a cell maker as it naturally stimulates cellular growth.

UntitledColloidal Gold and Cognitive Function

Dr. Guy Abram, M.D., has done several clinical trials involving colloidal gold. In a pilot study, “Effect of Colloidal Metallic Gold on Cognitive Functions”, Dr. Abrams studied five subjects, ages 15 to 45 years, and found that colloidal gold benefits human cognitive functions. He observed a significant increase (20%) of the mean IQ after one month of consuming colloidal gold. This increased IQ persisted after colloidal gold treatments were discontinued for the following two months before the IQ readings returned to the baseline.*

Colloidal Gold and Joint Support

Dr. Abrams conducted two clinical trials on the effectiveness of colloidal gold on joint support. The results showed that in 8 out of 10 patients with long-standing erosive joint support, colloidal gold offered fast-acting relief (less than 1 week) and support for joint health and tenderness without side effects. Patients also reported an increased ability to perform activities.*

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