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Cal/Mag Skeletal Support
Cal/Mag Skeletal Support

Cal/Mag Skeletal Support

Formulated for those concerned with bone mineral density loss associated with aging.* Contains ingredients that have been clinically researched to build strong bone mass.*

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The ability to maintain a healthy skeletal system in our golden years is fundamentally just as important to any anti-aging regiment that fosters cellular health. Cal/Mag Skeletal Support is a superior formula specific for maintaining healthy bones as we get older.*

UntitledCalcium supplements have a positive effect on bone mineral density.

The Importance of the Right Form of Calcium

This product contains Microcrystalline Calcium Hydroxyapatite which is the only form of calcium that has been clinically shown to not only to promote bone health, but actually nourishes the body with highly bioavailable organic constituents that promotes the body's ability to rebuild bone mass and mineral content.*

Calcium Hydroxyapatite is young bovine bone, and is processed without heat or chemicals to retain all the natural bone minerals and organic residues completely intact and in their natural physiological ratios. It is the organic components of bone — collagen, mucopolysaccarides, amino acids, etc. — that contribute to the enhanced absorption of calcium into the bone. It is the best form of calcium citrate to support bone health.*


The Importance of Magnesium

In the body, calcium needs magnesium to be absorbed into the bones. Without magnesium, calcium collects on the soft tissue i.e. arteries and heart muscle. There are 2 hormones that regulate where calcium goes in the body; calcitonin and parathyroid hormone (PTH). PTH draws calcium from the bones and deposits it on soft tissue. Calcitonin increases calcium levels in the bones and keeps it from being deposited in the soft tissues.* Magnesium suppresses PTH and stimulates calcitonin, therefore absolutely necessary in promoting heart health and bone health.* Cal/Mag support provides the ideal balance of calcium to magnesium for maximum health.*

The Importance of Vitamin D

Recent years have focused the importance of vitamin D, and the staggering deficiencies of vitamin D in most of the world’s populations. Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption in the gut and maintains adequate serum calcium and phosphate concentrations to enable normal mineralization of bone.* It is also needed for bone growth and bone remodeling by osteoblast and osteocasts. Without sufficient vitamin D, bones can become thin, brittle, or misshapen. And, together with calcium, vitamin D also promotes bone health in older adults.* For years we thought that vitamin D was only to build strong bones. But today, researchers state that vitamin D is necessary from everything to a properly functioning immune system, cognitive function, cardio health, and proper eyesight.* CalMag Skeletal Rejuvenator is the perfect ratio of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D.*

The Importance of Genistein

We tend to think of bones as something hard, rigid and solid structures but in reality bones are constantly being reborn. They are continuously being dissolved or “resorbed” and then reformed by a process called “remodeling”. This process is carried out by two types of bone cells, the bone-building osteoblasts and the bone-dissolving osteoclasts.

Estrogen keeps bones healthy by controlling the balance between the osteoblast cells and the osteoclast cells.

Genistein is an isoflavone and our genistein is pharmaceutical grade and soy-free!

The Importance of Strontium

Mention strontium to most people and they will probably remember strontium-90, a highly dangerous, radioactive component of nuclear fallout. However, stable strontium, like strontium citrate, is not only completely non-toxic, but it may be the most effective substance in promoting bone health.* Strontium works most effectively with calcium hydroxyapitite and genistein. In bone remodeling, it favors the absorption of calcium, collagen and other skeletal essential minerals into the bone and slows the resorption process.* Although its biological mechanism differs from genistein, it accomplishes the same bone building benefits necessary to the health of aging bones.*

The Importance of Boron

Researchers have concluded that boron is an essential factor in facilitating the bone-building effects of key nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D. Boron has shown to help maintain healthy bones if vitamin D is deficient.* Researchers have also determined that boron makes calcium and magnesium more available for absorption into the bone matrix.*

In an important study of postmenopausal women who were not on estrogen replacement therapy, scientists examined boron’s effect on various measures of bone health. The subjects consumed a boron-deficient diet for 119 days, followed by 48 days of boron supplementation. The findings indicate that adequate boron intake is essential to preserving the body’s stores of bone-building calcium and magnesium.*

The Importance of Silica

Silica is the most essential non-essential nutrient. It is a missing link in many bone health products and is abundant in Cal/Mag Support. It is the major constituent in horsetail and bamboo Proprietary Blend base of the formula. Silica is vital for strong bones, healthy skin and soft tissue.  Silica works with all the other dietary components to build strong bones.* Much more detailed information on silica can be found on our Super Silica Plus

The Importance of Zinc and Vitamin C

Collagen tissue is necessary for the deposition of calcium phosphate to form bone. The presence of collagen is essential for bone strength and density. Without collagen, all the calcium in the diet would have nowhere to go except soft tissue. Zinc and vitamin C are essential components for the production of collagen.