Significant Enhancement of Pharmaceutical Ingredients via the Principle of Negative Entropy

©2000, Dr David R. Hamilton

In this paper we report a new, remarkably effective, chemically inert substance, Aulterra, which has a unique mode of action that causes substantial enhancement of the effectiveness of many substances. In this paper we outline the benefits in the enhancement of Pharmaceuticals. We present astonishing clinical results as well as an outline of Aulterra's unique, medically beneficial, mode of action. Aulterra is a powder consisting of macro, micro, trace, and rare earth minerals, and does not contain excessive or harmful amounts of any toxic metals.1 It has been molded into a "designer pharmaceutical enhancer" by Kim Dandurand, President and CEO of Aulterra International.

Experiments performed under strict conditions by Dr Bernard Grad, have shown that rates of plant growth can be significantly accelerated using the touch of a healer.2 In these experiments a healer would place his or her hands on a jar of water that was to be used to water a set of test plants. The results showed that the plants, which had been watered using the healer treated water, grew at statistically significantly higher rates, and had more chlorophyll, than the plants that had been treated with ordinary water.*

*Info available upon request