Conformational Changes in Human DNA Characterize the Radiated Energy from the Aulterra Formulation

Glen Rein, Ph.D. Quantum Biology Research Lab Northport, NY 11768

Information content associated with both classical and non-classical (subtle, non- Hertzian, scalar) electromagnetic energy can be stored in physical objects. These objects include water (Rein, 1992, Schwartz, 1991) geometric patterns (Rein, 1997), electronic circuits, preliminary evidence suggests that the stored information can be subsequently retrieved or utilized by biological systems, thereby producing a biological effect. In this sense these objects have a memory of the information stored within them. Although long-term storage of information in physical objects is considered an anomaly in the eyes of traditional science, it has been demonstrated experimentally.

The author’s own research in this area has demonstrated that non-classical energy fields generated from "free energy" devices and those associated with human intention can be stored in water for several months if the optical properties of water are measured using a special form of ultraviolet (UV) spectroscopy (Rein, 1992). Furthermore, the stored energy is biologically active when the water is exposed to a variety of biological systems (Gagnon and Rein, 1990). One of the biological targets used in these studies was the DNA molecule. In addition to these responses to stored or imprinted energy, DNA has been shown to act as an antenna for other forms of subtle energy (Rein, 1994a, 1996, 1997). Thus it has been discovered that in addition to classical EM fields (Semin, 1995), non-classical fields also resonates with the DNA molecule and causes physical changes in its secondary structure (winding and unwinding of the helix).


Goals of this Research Project

•      Obtain scientific evidence that the energetic information imprinted in the
Aulterra powder can produce measurable and reproducible biological effects on DNA using state-of-the-art scientific methodology.

•     Measure the ability of Aulterra's powder to neutralize the harmful effect from heavy metal toxicity.

•     Demonstrate a biological effect of the energetic information imprinted in Aulterra's homeopathic preparation.


A stock solution of human placental DNA (Sigma Chemical Co., St. Louis) was
prepared at a concentration of 0.4 mg/ml deionized water. The stock solution
was diluted to 0.03mg/ml in deionized water and heat treated for 4 minutes at 80°C.
The DNA was then gently transferred to a quartz cuvette and placed inside a UV-
visible diode array spectrophotometer (Hewlett Packard 8451 A). For all
experiments, DNA rewinding was measured by taking absorption readings
(260nm) every minute for qualitative pattern analysis and every 10 seconds for
quantitative analysis. As the DNA rewinds after heat treatment, it's ability to
absorb light decreases over time. Therefore the rewinding curve shows a gradual
decrease. The shapes of the rewinding curves were first analyzed qualitatively.
Then quantitative analysis was done by measuring the initial slope (first few
minutes only) of this curve for each separate experiment using the IBM Excel
software. All slopes had a negative value reflecting the decrease in absorption
overtimes. Individual slope values were analyzed for statistical significance
using a two sample t-test (assuming equal variance).

In some experiments, diluted DNA solutions were prepared in the presence of
1pM FeCI and transferred to small test tubes. Trace amounts of iron have previously been shown to increase the sensitivity of DNA to electromagnetic fields (Audic, 1993). Half of the samples were left on the lab bench (controls)
and half were placed in a beaker containing enough Aulterra powder to surround the
DNA solution at the bottom of the test tube. Because no powder was put inside
the test tube, it can be concluded that any effect on the DNA would be due to
the radiated energy emitted from the powder. In other experiments varying amounts
of CuCI2 was added to some diluted DNA solutions to induce damage.

Results and Discussion

1. DNA exposed to the energy of the Aulterra powder

The typical DNA rewinding curve shown in Figure 1 shows a gradual logarithmic decay
as a function of time. When the DNA was placed on the Aulterra powder for one day and
then measured, there was no change in the rewinding curve. However, after 3, 4 or 5 days
of exposure to the energy from the powder, a rather interesting rewinding curve (Figure
2) is obtained. Instead of the typical smooth curve, the rewinding process is oscillatory in
nature. This means the DNA rewinds, then unwinds a little, then continues to rewind and
continues to go through cycles of winding and unwinding. This oscillatory behavior has
been observed in other systems (Hideshima, 1990; Dibble & Tiller, 1999). It is interesting
to note that in the case of Tiller's experiments, oscillatory behavior of water was induced
by human intention associated with healing states of consciousness. Healing states of
consciousness are known to be associated with coherent oscillatory EEG patterns (Schwartz and Russek, 1997). Furthermore, it was demonstrated that the energy from healers could effect the conformation of DNA only when the electrical activity
of their ECG exhibited coherent oscillatory behavior (Rein & McCraty, 1994b). Thus,
by inference the energy emitted from the Aulterra powder may be similar to the
energies emitted by healers*

*Copies of study/research available upon request